Meet the Artist

Margaret Chen grew up in a small village in Shanghai, China at the height of World War II when fashion, music and romance gave way to uniformity and the stark reality of Communism. To escape the extreme times, Margaret spent her childhood immersed in her drawings, where she showed early promise as a budding artist. Her avant-garde, feminist mother encouraged her to explore life around her and express herself through her drawings. Nothing escaped Margaret's artistic eye and young imagination. Young people, old people, lazy cats, feral dogs, fish ponds, and sacred mountains all held a certain fascination for young Margaret. In her late teens, Margaret immigrated to America, where she learned new art techniques and began experimenting with various mediums. Over the years, Margaret chose to set aside her passion for the arts in order to raise a family of three. Now, as a doting grandmother of three, Margaret has found time to return to her lifelong love of painting. She paints out of her airy studio in San Mateo, Ca. Her style has evolved over the years, and she is best known for her expressive and bold color strokes, that create texture and depth, while capturing the essence of her subject. Her work has been on display at the Wyland Galleries on San Francisco, and other studios across the San Francisco Peninsula. This website is a collection of Margaret's latest works. We hope you enjoy her pieces.